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Health insurance will protect you and your family against any financial risks arising due to a medical emergency. Buying a proper health plan would help you in saving your hard earned savings and other assets
An insurance broker or a brokerage house is a company that does not represent any specific insurance company. It represents the clients. Because of this, they can suggest insurance policies that suit the clients from any of the insurance companies in the market objectively.
We would be sending you a renewal notice informing you of the expiry of your health policy via courier. However the Company is under no obligation to send renewal notice and its absence thereof shall not tantamount to deficiency in services. Hence Customer has the prime responsibility to renew his policy.
Any number of claims is allowed during the policy period. However the sum insured is the maximum limit under the policy.
One single policy takes care of the hospitalization expenses of your entire family. Family Floater Health Plan takes care of all the medical expenses during sudden illness, surgeries and accidents.
No, Normally Health policies cover only expenses incurred as Inpatient. But we also cover reimbursement of expenses incurred as Outpatient subject to terms and conditions of the policy.
Children are not covered individually in our policies but can be covered with either of the parent.